Our creative founder, Miguel R. Garcia, has always been a lover of bicycles, coffee, and good life. His passion for cycling began when his father gave him his first bicycle at the age of six. After that, everything would be cycling and fun for Miguel.

When he turned 17, he used to go every weekend with his dad and friends on bike rides in the mountains.

When he turned 21, Miguel R. Garcia founded a small bicycle tour company with his father. There was nothing more incredible for Miguel than having a good cup of coffee after a long bike ride.

Miguel always wanted to combine the passion for cycling with the delight of coffee. He spent several years thinking of an idea that would unite these two passions. One day, he got the idea to create a bicycle shop and maintenance spot that serves coffee and appetizers to everyone passing by.

That’s how he opened the Berlin Bicycle Cafe. The best meeting point for all cyclists and coffee lovers in Ontario, Canada.

But he didn’t want this passion to be left alone in Ontario. He decided to create an online magazine for people around the world to join. People with the same interests in bicycles and coffee could unite to check the bicycle shop’s inventory and the café menu.

Here you will find the best information for bicycle-friendly people, and of course, everything you need to know as a good coffee lover.