Berlin Bicycle Café – A Spot for Everyone in Kitchener

Located at 701 Belmont Ave W, Kitchener, Ontario N2M 1P1, Berlin Bicycle Café is an incredible option for relaxation. Whether it’s after a long bike ride or accompanied by friends, family, a couple, or alone, this café is perfect for you.


The menu offers extensive vegan options. You can enjoy a wide variety of hot and cold coffees, natural juices, and tea. The breakfasts have all kinds of sandwiches, croissants, scones, eggs, light salads, fruits.

There are lunches, soups, and lovely dinners. They offer delicious desserts for everyone and have a wide variety of baked goods to share.

They have cheeses of all varieties and freshly baked slices of bread. The meals are characterized by being specially cooked to make you feel like home. Dishes are prepared with fresh and local produce.

Sale and Repair of Bicycles

Berlin Bicycle Cafe has a bicycle repair service. They also sell all kinds of spare parts. If you need to repair your bike, bring it in and enjoy a delicious coffee while they fix it for you.

Fun Facts

The atmosphere of the Berlin Bicycle Café is so pleasant that it is often a place for freelancers. You will most likely get people working at some tables in the restaurant looking for inspiration for their projects, which you will surely find here.

It’s the favourite meeting point for all the city’s cyclists. Also, a must for all tourists visiting our beautiful country. So, don’t be surprised if you get people of all nationalities. Berlin Bicycle Café is a multicultural environment and perfect for making new friends.

The desserts of the Berlin Bicycle Café are very popular. That is why it is very common to see families having a good time.

If you want to enjoy a good conversation with a delicious coffee, this is the place for you. It’s a place for everyone.

Whether you want to enjoy a delicious breakfast, get some inspiration for your new projects or meet new people, Berlin Bicycle Café is the best option. No doubt, this place will be perfect for you. Don’t worry about your bike. You can park it inside.