How to Cycle Safely around Kitchener and Where to Go

Before riding your bike, it’s very important to follow certain rules to enjoy a good bike ride. Also, cycling is not just something you do without considering your surroundings. Learn how to do it in this article.

How to Bike Safely

Check the tires and the brake are working properly, and learn easy tricks to fix it yourself. Don’t forget your helmet. Adjust it correctly to avoid any hard knocks.

Look to the sides before you turn, and when you do, give the right signals. You have to watch out on the road. Look carefully and make sure you avoid holes and broken glass. If you ride at night, have reflectors in front of and behind your bike. The same goes for your tires.

Most bicycle accidents are the responsibility of the rider. Do not ride against the direction of the traffic, always use your helmet. Before entering a street, stop. Always follow the rules of the road. It’s not only your life that will be at risk.

Where to Go Around

Kitchener has some great places to ride your bike. Below you can read a list of some of the best places that will make you want to come back.

The Waterfront Trail and The Greenbelt Route

The Waterfront is more than 1200 km long between the Great Lakes and Georgian Bay. It’s part of the national network of trails that connects Canadians across the country from coast to coast. The Green Belt Trail has more than 480 km of stunning trails.

Goderich to Guelph

This path was built from an old railway track. It has wooden bridges where you can see different landscapes.

Osgoode Link Pathway

Here you can travel 47 km through the Ottawa countryside. You’ll see the Rideau River and extensive fields.

Kanata Loop Trail, Ottawa

It will be a 35 km ride that will leave you amazed with beautiful beach views. You have to be very careful on this route as in some parts it gets mixed up with the city traffic.

Follow these rules by riding your bike in these wonderful places. You’ll want to do it more than once until you’ve mastered your cycling skills.