The Ultimate Guide to Fix Your Bicycle in Kitchener

Sometimes our bikes get damaged and for moments like that, it’s always good to know what to do to fix it. Learn from our quick guide here.

How to Patch a Bike Tire

First, remove the wheel from the bike. Then, with an adjustable wrench, remove the breakaway strip at the bottom. Examine the wheel for any sharp objects and remove the wheel and pull the tire out by hand.

Next, you need to remove the tube or casing from the tire with two tire levers just at the opposite end from the wheel valve. Carefully pull out the inner tube, inflate the tire to find the air leak, and find the perforated part and mark it with chalk.

Polish the area and use a small metal patch or a piece of sandpaper. Use special glue to cover the entire area. Put the tube back into the tire. Make sure the tube fits snugly with your hands. Connect the wheel to the bike and re-inflate the tire.

Finally, check that the rubber has no problem so that the wheel does not get pinched again.

How to Replace and Clean a Bicycle Chain

You should know the type of chain your bike uses and clean it from time to time. Remember to replace the chain in the same way after cleaning it.

Remove the chain and open the master link. Remove the side plate and pull the link to release the ends. To remove the chain, push out a pin rivet anywhere on the chain. Tighten the screw on the puller so that you can push the rivet through the center of the chain. The chain will separate as it loosens.

Dip the chain into a pan filled with kerosene. Remove all the dirt with a brush. Let it dry for an hour. Dip the clean chain in motor oil and then let it dry. To replace the chain, replace the master link, side plate, and retaining clip. Join the ends and loosen the pin, align them, and tighten the pin.

Adjust the rivet. Lastly, carefully check that the chain tension is correct, as this can be dangerous.

Some Repair Shops in Kitchener

Ziggy’s Cycle & Sports

You’ll find all the best for your bike here.

East Side Cycle & Sports

A store you can’t miss visiting if you’re a bicycle lover.

Berlin Bicycle Café

While you fix your bike here, you’re able to drink coffee and eat.

Kitchener has excellent shops to repair your bikes. Come to this area and marvel at the results.