Top Resources

Enjoy this list of top resources where you can find excellent content. You will be able to increase your knowledge and complement the information we have provided here. Be sure to read everything these websites have to offer.

Bike League

Bike League is a website dedicated to protecting the rights of cyclists in America. This league offers educational programs. It encourages building better places for people to ride their bikes and at the same time, it helps to create spaces suitable for this purpose.

Share the Road

Share the Road is part of the cycling coalition in Canada. It offers incentives, practical assistance, and recognition to communities that actively support cycling.


The Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT) has a vision of vibrant cities with clean air, a healthy population, and a transportation system that prioritizes walking and cycling. On this website, you will find everything you need to know as a responsible cyclist in Canada.


Bicycling is the world’s leading online cycling magazine. Every day it connects millions of active professionals. You’ll find vibrant articles about travel, fitness, and lifestyle.

Cycling Weekly

Cycling Weekly is a website where you will find all the best information about cycling, travel reports, fitness, nutrition, and more. Also, news and interviews from the biggest races. Cycling Weekly was originally founded in magazine form in 1891, with the website launching in 2006. It’s the number one cycling magazine in the UK.